Birch recovery from moose browsing damage

This Paper birch (Betula papyrifera) was damaged by moose in January 2009. The moose  reached with its mouth to a height of approximately 3 metres and tore part of the branch away. The branches were torn away at the points which now appear as flattened.

Buds that remained below the tear line supported growth which became new branches later in 2009.
The pruning saw provides scale.

Once the new branches grow above the moose line (the highest point at which moose can browse) the birch tree will grow unhindered and the flattened tear marks will disappear as they are engulfed and enclosed within the birch tree.

The tallest branches grew from pre-existing branches that were not damaged by moose. This can be better seen in the larger image that can be accessed by clicking here.

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